Meet Griffin! – Adopted - DRR Alumni

Griffin is searching for a forever home!

Breed: Old English Sheepdog mix
Sex: Male
Weight: 20 lbs
Age: Puppy
Shedding: Moderate

Griffin‘s Story

❤️Griffin is Available❤️

Please READ the bio and adoption requirements first to make sure you are a perfect fit BEFORE APPLYING.

Hi! I’m officially called Griffin, but you can call me Griffy, Scruffy, Scruffy Mcduffy or even just Good Boy! I’m 5 months old, and I currently weigh around 20 lbs. I’ve been told I’m an Old English Sheepdog (OES) mix, but I don’t feel old, bark in English, or even know what a Sheep looks like! Did you know that male OES's can grow to 70-100 lbs?! Big boy alert! Pups like me shed because of my 2-layered coat (top is wiry and undercoat is thick and soft). But foster mom says it’s not too bad with proper grooming and brushing!

I’m sensitive to the tones of voices for praise and gentle correction, I love to drink and bathe my paws in the same bowl, I like nice grassy spots to lay on, and I like to play, eat, sleep then start again! I like dogs, I haven’t met a cat yet, and I like kids too. My mom says I have a ☀️ disposition and possibly ADHD, or maybe just puppy-itis.

I sleep in my crate all night, and I’m HUNGRY when I wake up between 6:30 or 7. I like the blue leash, except when they try to make me wear it inside, that’s just silly. I heard I can wear it just outside after mom knows I’m potty trained, whatever that means, I always potty outside anyway!

I’m working on all my puppy skills. I like to nip, and chewing feels great! My dog sister has to gently remind me to mind my manners, but I steal her ball anyways. My mom says I’m currently too wiggly to cuddle, but I love head rubs and pats, and I go, go, go until I just can’t anymore. I’m NOT a lap dog! My mom has only left me for 4 hours so far, and I was okay. I usually go outside every 1 or 2 hours for serious play time.

Here’s what I’m looking for:
- A dog sibling NOT required, but if I have one, they MUST be young and playful!
- No children under age 8
- Active family to keep up with all this puppy energy!
- Dedicated family to continue my puppy training (leash, basic commands)
- A family committed to my regular grooming needs.

If you meet all of the requirements and live within 350 miles of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, please apply at

Griffin has received age appropriate shots and microchip. HW-. Sterilization to be completed at 6 months and covered by DRR

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Good With Kids? No Small Children
Good With Dogs? Yes, All dogs
Good With Cats? Unknown
Energy Level: High Energy
Separation Anxiety: No


Potty Trained: Needs Work
Crate Trained: Yes
Leash Trained: Needs Work
Basic Commands: Needs Work