CHEW opened doors in 2021. At CHEW, we deeply believe every animal, from every background, with any medical need should have an equal chance at a happy and healthy life. CHEW was founded on this principle, and we continue to promote fair and excellent pet care through the CHEW Compassion Fund.  


CHEW offers everything from preventative care to Diagnostics, treatment/hospitalization to advanced surgeries including orthopedic. CHEW provides programs to help pets stay with their families, preventing them from entering crowded shelters.  Our compassionate love for animals has devoted our hearts in helping those in need. By providing education within the community and spreading awareness of the overpopulation of dogs and cats, and we hope to play a big part in ending the senseless euthanasia. 


CHEW’s Mission:

At CHEW, our commitment is to advance animal welfare through progressive initiatives. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled preventive care, diagnostics, and surgical interventions to under-resourced families and other animal organizations. We are dedicated to empowering families on how to care for their companion animals, while promoting a culture of Compassion, Hope, Education, and Wellness.


Our commitment to diversity, Equity and Inclusivity