Hello there, I’m Leigh, the founder and Executive Director of Doodle Rock Rescue.

Navigating the journey of rehoming a dog is never easy, no matter the circumstances. Each week, I work closely with families who find themselves facing this tough decision. Whether it’s due to changes in family dynamics, relocation, or behavioral/medical challenges, I’m here to lend an understanding ear. It’s my mission to carefully evaluate each doodle and place them in loving foster homes where they can thrive, while our adoption team meticulously screens potential forever families.

The rehoming process begins with you. By completing a detailed and honest questionnaire about your doodle, you help me ensure the perfect match with a foster home. I understand that not every dog is the right fit for every family, and vice versa – that’s where Doodle Rock comes in!

Our Rehome Reach

Doodle Rock offers rehoming services throughout Texas and all neighboring states. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, ground and private plane transportation is available to ensure your furry guy or gal gets to us safely.