• A separate adoption application is required for each dog because what we are seeking in a forever home varies each time. If you’re interested in more than one dog, you must submit separate applications for each.
  • We only accept applications for dogs currently available for adoption (listed on the Available Dogs page). 
  • The adopting family must complete their own adoption application. We do not accept applications for “gifts” or “surprise” adoptions.
  • Thoroughly read the dog’s adoption bio and only apply if your home/family is a perfect fit. We work closely with our fosters and vets to best understand each dog’s medical, behavioral, and physical needs, suggested ideal environment, and any ongoing medical care required. These requirements drive our selection process and no exceptions are made.
  • Be detailed and thorough in your responses on the application. Explain how your home/family perfectly meets the dog’s outlined needs.
  • Due to the large number of applications we receive, we are unable to send a personalized response to everyone. If you are selected, you will be notified. If your application is not selected, you will receive an automatic response within 3 weeks. Thank you for your patience and interest in our rescue doodles!
  • For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions


  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must live within 1,000 miles of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
  • Must be able to pick up the dog within 3 days of final application approval
  • The dog must reside indoors and live as a member of the family
  • Current pet(s) must be sterilized
  • If you have pets, positive vet references required (e.g., up-to-date on vaccinations and wellness checks)
  • If your home has a yard, a secure fence is required. If a fence is not possible (i.e., you live on many acres) the dog must be kept on a lead or leash at all times while outside. Electronic fences are not accepted.
  • If you rent, a permission letter from your landlord is required noting weight limits, if any


Our adoption fee ranges from $150 – $650 with the occasional dog being up to $750, depending on age, size, and breed. The adoption fee includes grooming, vaccinations, sterilization, and microchipping. Depending on the dog’s incoming condition, many will also receive advanced medical care and professional behavior modification. Exact fee is shared with the selected applicant.


We do not have a shelter facility, so we rely on our dedicated, reliable Foster Team to be able to save lives. Because of this, fostering should not only be used as a shortcut to adopting. Some dogs do have the option to foster-to-adopt, and this is made clear when we are seeking a foster. Otherwise, we allow our fosters to apply to adopt their SECOND foster dog (and beyond) if they choose to. All fosters are required to go through our standard application screening process and must be approved by our Adoption Team. We work very hard to find the perfect fit for each dog’s unique needs, and every foster family must meet the qualifications for that dog, no exceptions.

NOTE: Temporary fosters or multipe puppies fostered together DO NOT count toward the 1+ rule. The family must foster a separate foster dog from intake through adoption to be eligible to apply for their foster dog as a foster-to-adopt applicant. This ensures we get to know the foster family through a full foster experience and can feel confident in allowing a foster-to-adopt option, pending approval. No exceptions are made. Please ensure you fully understand the policy prior to volunteering to foster.

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