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Winter Puppies – Aspen, Ava(lanche), Bodhi, Coal and Polar Bear are searching for a forever home!

Breed: Labradoodles
Weight: lbs
Age: Puppy
Shedding: Very Little

Winter Puppies – Aspen, Ava(lanche), Bodhi, Coal and Polar Bear‘s Story

Meet the Winter Puppies...Aspen, Ava(lanche), Bodhi, Coal & Polar Bear:

ASPEN (F) She loves you already and hasn’t even met you yet! Aspen is a spunky 16-week-old, 17-pound Labradoodle. She is a ball full of energy! Aspen does great with other dogs, she’s met one cat but not too sure what to think of those creatures! She absolutely adores children—and even prefers them because they are just her size! She would make a great addition to a family!

AVA(LANCHE) (F) I genuinely cannot convey how sweet this 16-wk, 17-pound girl is. If you are looking for unconditional love from your furry friend, Ava is the puppy for you. She loves playing, but has learned what “no” means when she tries to sneak shoes out of the closet. Now she plays with approved dog toys only! She has come so far with potty training, and doesn’t make many mistakes in the house as long as we are sure to let her out after her long naps. Oh yes, she’s a napper! If you are close by, she is at peace and loves to take long naps in the same room. I definitely recommend having little dog beds around your place for her many naps. Watching tv on the couch? No problem. She has learned how to crawl up onto your lap. Her ULTIMATE nap space. She walks well on a leash if you have her on a harness. She would do great with another dog in the house if that dog is playful and patient with a puppy. She loves to play!

BODHI (M) This sweet, 23-pound pup is a joy to have around. He’s energetic and playful and has a great disposition. He’s very smart and mastered crate training like a champ! Potty training is almost there, too! The leash still needs some work because it’s much more fun to just run with reckless abandon!! Bodhi loves snuggles and is very affectionate. He does show some excitement by mouthing but, hey, he’s just a pup, right? Did I mention he’s smart?

Coal (M) Coal is a sweet, funny little (not so little) 15-week-old, 26 pound labradoodle puppy. Here is his current report card:
He uses a doggie door, Sleeps thru the night and does fine for a little while during the day, and is working on leash skills but does much better when walked with another dog.
Not too shabby for a little guy who’s never been exposed to any of this.He is ready to find a family of my own, so here’s his wish list: A family who understands that he's still a puppy, who is willing to keep working with him, and where someone can be home with him most of the time. A yard to run and play in. Another playful medium to large dog would be cool but not necessary as long as he get lots of physical activity and mental stimulation. Kids would be great too....more people to love and play with!

Polar Bear (M) Polar Bear is 15 1/2 weeks old and weighs 22.4 pounds today. Bear is a sweet loving very active 15 week old puppy. He gets along great with kids, dogs ,and cats. He already loves to play fetch and retrieve the ball. He is sleeping well in his crate from 10 pm - 7am and wakes up occasionally once to go potty. Hes still learning to walk on a leash and prefers to follow you without the harness and leash. Hes still learning to potty train. Today he barked by the back door so he could go out to potty. He will do a good job if you are consistant with letting him out. He prefers to be accompanied when he goes potty in the yard. Bear doesnt whine or bark much. Really mild mannered and affectionate. I can sit by him and pet him even while he eats. A great snuggler. He loves car rides and sits still in a seat. Doesnt hop around or get hyper in the car. It usually puts him to sleep. He has a soft non shedding coat. Bear would be great in a home with other playful dogs or be great with just his people.

Winter Puppies – Aspen, Ava(lanche), Bodhi, Coal and Polar Bear have received age appropriate shots and microchips. HW-. Sterilization to be completed at 6 months and covered by DRR

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Good With Kids? Yes
Good With Dogs? Yes, All dogs
Good With Cats? Unknown
Energy Level: Average Energy
Separation Anxiety: No


Potty Trained: Needs Work
Crate Trained: Needs Work
Leash Trained: Needs Work
Basic Commands: Needs Work