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The Poodle Puppies is searching for a forever home!

Breed: Standard Poodle
Sex: Male & Female
Weight: lbs
Age: Puppy
Shedding: None

The Poodle Puppies‘s Story

❤️The Poodle Puppies are available ❤️

Please READ the bio and adoption requirements first to make sure you are a perfect fit BEFORE APPLYING.

Hey folks! We are 11-week-old, Standard Poodle puppies and currently weigh between 12-20 lbs. All 7 of us were surrendered to DRR with our mama, Rosie Mae, and are now grown enough to venture out and find our forever families. Read more about us below:

Rain (M)
I am a sweet, independent, laidback pup with so much love to give! I enjoy lots of playtime followed by long naps. I am a little shy at first, but once I am comfortable I become the most loving puppy. I enjoy snuggling on your lap and belly rubs. I’m also good with kids and can’t wait to find my forever family.

Bolt (M)
My name says it all! I am like a bolt of energy ⚡️As soon as I get up in the morning I am ready to play all day long. I don’t like being alone, so I hope you’re ready for us to be best buds. I’m good with kids and love having another fur sibling around.

Misty (M)
I love roughhousing with my brothers, but I’m also quite independent and am content on my own. I love all meals and will remind my foster fam when it’s time to eat. I’m told I pick up things quickly. I respond to my name and learned “sit” right away! I love running around the yard, adventurous car rides, sticking my paws in the water bowl to cool off, and cuddling with my foster family. I like that last one the most and am good with kids, too!

Sunny (M)
I’m what my foster fam calls the “master cuddler.” While my brothers roughhouse, I like to watch from the wings and gnaw on a chew stick. Why you ask? Well, because I like to be good and play by the rules. I’m a quick study as I respond to my name and learned how to sit - practically overnight I might add! I love lounging around the yard, adventurous car rides (I like being in my foster mom’s lap), and laying under her chair while she’s working from home. I do well with kids and will even sometimes sleep with them if they let me.

Sky (M)
I might be tiny but I sure am mighty! I love to initiate the roughhousing with my brothers 💪 I like to make sure everyone’s having a good time and feels included, and if they ignore me I get vocal. My foster fam says I am pretty smart! I respond to my name and picked up “sit” very quickly. I love lounging around the yard, adventurous car rides and I always get shotgun. I do well with kids and can’t wait to find my forever fam!

Stormy (M)
My foster mom says I am sweet, loving, and extremely smart. Though I am smaller and more laid back than my siblings, I am growing like a weed! Running through the grass, and playing in the bushes and sprinklers are my favorite activities. I love water!  My foster mom says I am a curious and affectionate baby that gives great puppy kisses and LOVES to be held.  My dark coat is silky soft with wavy hair, and I have golden eyes. I love chasing after foster mom’s Golden Retriever, and sleeping on top of her Great Pyrenees (or in her lap).

Windy (F)
If you like a gorgeous, smart, athletic, fun doodle then I am the one for you!  I am the ONLY female in the litter and I love to play follow-the-leader with children, adults, and other dogs. I like to play with toys and play inside bushes and run through sprinklers. I enjoy the outdoors but like a cool indoor place when it is hot or when I sleep. My foster mom says I am the most fun dog in the whole wide world and I have learned to sit and come on command. Everyone who meets me comments on what a good looking dog I am with my silky black coat and white chest and feet. I instinctively give you soft kisses when picked up and held.

**The Poodle Puppies will be adopted SEPARATELY but their adoption application is combined**

Adoption Requirements:
-Parents with flexible schedule to continue potty training
-Fenced in yard
-Active family to play with and release puppy energy
-Dog sibling preferred

If you meet all of the requirements and live within 350 miles of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, please apply at

The Poodle Puppies have received age appropriate shots and microchips. HW-. Sterilization to be completed at 6 months and covered by DRR

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Good With Kids? Yes
Good With Dogs? Yes, All dogs
Good With Cats? Unknown
Energy Level: Average Energy
Separation Anxiety: No


Potty Trained: Needs Work
Crate Trained: Needs Work
Leash Trained: Needs Work
Basic Commands: Needs Work