Meet Sheba! – Adopted - DRR Alumni

Sheba is searching for a forever home!

Breed: German Shepherd
Weight: 22 lbs
Age: Puppy

Sheba‘s Story

Hello, my name is Sheba. I am a 4-month-old, 22-pound German Shepard. I think my nickname is Good Girl because my foster family always calls me by that name! My foster mom tells me I am a Good Girl when I settle and play nicely with my toys while she is doing things in the kitchen, when I go potty outside, when I go into the crate willingly and don't fuss, when we play fetch and I bring the ball back. The best part of it all is I get extra yummy treats which makes me want to learn more and more every day, how cool is that?!
I am smart, loyal, spunky, sweet, and full of puppy energy. I've been learning things called commands like sit, down, go to bed, come, kennel, and wait. I sleep in a crate at night and when the humans leave the house, and I am ok with that. It's nice and cozy and the best thing is I get more treats. I love my four legged brothers. They are teaching me how to play tug and how to share toys. It is so much fun. I like playing with soft toys, I promise I don't destroy them, and with big hard chew toys like nylabones. Did I mention I love tennis balls? I enjoy going for nice walks then getting home and taking a nap. When people sit on the floor I like cuddling next to them or sitting in their lap, I love belly rubs and being scratched behind my ears. My human brother and sister do something called puppy handling with me every day, I call it personal puppy massage. Once a week I have my very own Spa Day which includes pedicure with treats, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing with chicken flavored toothpaste, am I spoiled or what?
I am hoping for a furever family that will love me unconditionally, be patient with me as I go through "the teething phase", keep me busy so that I can get out all that extra puppy energy I have, and I promise I will not only be a good girl but be the BEST girl I can be.

Photo credit - Haute Dog Couture Pet Photography

Sheba has received age appropriate shots and microchip. HW-. Sterilization to be completed at 6 months and covered by DRR

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Good With Kids? Yes
Good With Dogs? Yes, All dogs
Good With Cats? Unknown
Energy Level: High Energy
Separation Anxiety: No


Potty Trained: Needs Work
Crate Trained: Yes
Leash Trained: Yes
Basic Commands: Got them down!