Meet Ralph! – Adopted - DRR Alumni

Ralph is searching for a forever home!

Breed: Adoradoodle
Sex: Male
Weight: 25 lbs
Age: Puppy
Shedding: None

Ralph‘s Story

❤️Ralph is Available❤️

Please READ the bio and adoption requirements first to make sure you are a perfect fit BEFORE APPLYING.

My name is Ralph and I am a 4 month male adoradoodle weighing 25 pounds and still growing! I have handsome black fur and do not shed.

I am a happy easygoing and energetic pup! I love playing with balls - chasing them, watching them bounce and catching them - they are amazing! Since I'm a puppy I also enjoy a good bone and chew toys as I need something to chew. My foster home has older kids and I love playing with them and if they give me a belly rub I am in heaven! I would love some dog siblings my size given my puppy energy.

I sleep in my crate and wake up early morning around 6:30. I am very excited to get out of my crate and go outside. I play in the yard for few minutes and then come back inside for breakfast. After eating, I go out again to play. By the time I come back inside, the whole house is awake and I play with everyone before they go to school. During the day I spend a lot of time around my foster mom. In between meetings we play outside and if she’s busy I usually take short naps or play with my chew toys. Around 12:30 I get lunch (since I am a growing boy!) and then take a longer nap. Once I wake up around 3 , I go out to the yard and play by myself for a good hour. By that time the kids are home and we play fetch, hide and seek or just chase each other. Around 6 pm I have dinner. At 7 pm my foster mom takes me out to the yard and then I get into crate with my chew toy. I play by myself and then starts dozing off around 8 pm.

Since I am a puppy, I am still learning not to climb on counters or the table to get human food. I love food so much I even help clean any food off of the floor! I am learning not to jump up on people when I get excited. Car rides and being alone are my dislikes.

- No children under age 6 as I will try and jump up to give hugs
- Active family
- Fenced in Yard
- Work From Home active Parent or Dog sibling
- Flexible Schedule
If you meet all of the requirements and live within 350 miles of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, please apply at

Ralph is fully vaccinated, HW-, sterilized and microchipped.

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Good With Kids? No Small Children
Good With Dogs? Yes, All dogs
Good With Cats? Unknown
Energy Level: High Energy
Separation Anxiety: Some


Potty Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Leash Trained: Needs Work
Basic Commands: Needs Work