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Mascot Puppies Group 2: Goldy, Knightro, Nittany, Otto, and Paws are searching for a forever home!

Breed: Poodle Mix
Sex: Male & Female
Weight: 25 lbs
Age: Puppy
Shedding: Very Little

Mascot Puppies Group 2: Goldy, Knightro, Nittany, Otto, and Paws‘s Story


❤️ADOPTED Knightro, Nittany, Otto, and Paws❤️

Please READ the bio and adoption requirements first to make sure you are a perfect fit BEFORE APPLYING.

HI, My name is Goldy, I’m a 4-month-old Female Labradoodle and weigh about 25lbs. I like to play with my foster siblings, squeaky toys, get lots of pets, cuddle, and eat a lot. I am shy when meeting new people but warm up quickly. My routine is pretty great! I wake at 6:30am for first potty, then eat breakfast by 8am, followed by lots of playtime all day long! Usually dinner by 6pm and then play and chill before bed.

I still occasionally forget I’m suppose to potty outside so I sometimes need gentle reminder and redirection. I’m good with kids and dogs and I especially love my fur foster sibling. I’m working on leash training and basic commands like sit and come! I would do best with a fur-ever home willing to work with me on these basic skills.

KNIGHTRO (adopted)
Hi, I am Knightro, the cutest Male Sheepadoodle you will meet! I am currently 3-months-old and I’m going to be a big boy when I grow up, 50lbs or more! I have thick super soft puppy hair now. Underneath I have gray coming in so my adult colors are leaning Sheepdog! My foster mom says she hasn’t found even a single hair of mine ever, which must be why it’s so fab.

I’m too young to travel the world to figure out exactly what I do and don’t like, but I do like to explore everything! Speaking of exploring, the best way that I have found to know how something works is to taste it. I’m not a huge fan of wrestling with my dog sister. I am busy busy busy, but will play tug-of-war, fetch and return the ball endlessly, and sometimes play Chase. Above average intelligence, good with eye contact, and I can yawn with my entire body.

I sleep in my crate at night, but only because my mom has agreed to stay within my sight, and make googly eyes with me until I fall asleep. I sleep all night until about 6am. Then we rise and shine and the day begins. I’m working on riding in the car without puking (don’t laugh, it feels like a roller coaster the way my foster mom drives !) so sometimes I go with my human sister to school drop off. After, I eat a big breakfast then chase the ball. If my mom is home I stay on a leash right next to her all day, that’s the best. As long as I have something to chew on that is, she said I can’t chew on the chair, her shoes, her caps, or the leash! Which leaves me very little options

I can’t wait to go on walks with my leash, but I have to wait for all of my shots. I’m good about not going to potty in my crate, if you don’t leave me too long. My foster mom doesn’t give me free run of the house, so I’m not sure if I can potty there or not? I’m guessing not.
I love the sound of my own voice, and have been known to bark for a good while when people leave me!

- I would be a great devoted only pet, I love my person.
- I can be vocal, so shared walls might be hard

NITTANY (adopted)
Hi my name is Nittany! I’m a 4-month-old Male Sheepadoodle.

I’m just a pup which means I have a lot of energy. Because I love spending my time playing and running around, I’d prefer if my new home includes another furry sibling I can play tug of war with! I’d also love if my new parents have an active lifestyle because I really love walks and am great with a leash. In fact, sometimes I’ll find my leash and take it to my foster parents to remind me it’s time for a walk! I’m friendly with other dogs and sensitive with older dogs. My current foster sibling is a senior so I know I can’t play with him because he doesn’t have the energy.

I love the water! My foster parents have loved watching me run through the sprinklers in our backyard. At first I was scared of baths but now I’m used to them and really enjoy them! I have a toy that I love and take to bed with me sometimes even on walks. It’s a stuffed duck and it’s very special to me. My favorite time of day is either walking time or food time! I hear my foster parents grab my food and I run around in circles because I love food so much!

Another thing I really love are cuddles and affection. I love when you rub my belly and will lay on my back to get that extra belly rub. I also love when you pet my my paws. I also love laying on the couch and watching TV. When it’s time for bed I head to my crate! I’ve slept in my crate since I was rescued and don’t mind it at all!

I am working on my manners but have learned Sit and Paw. In fact, I extend my paw to you if I’m wanting attention! 😅 I’m learning to not jump when I’m excited. But I’m treat motivated so with a little patience, treats and time, I’m sure I’ll learn it in no time. As for potty training, I’m pretty much potty trained. Still have the occasional accident inside but for the most part I can hold it until I’m let outside. I can even hold it throughout the night so my foster parents are really proud of me!

- Active family
- Fur sibling preferred but not required

OTTO (adooted)
Hi my real name is Otto but everyone calls me Scout. I am a 4-month-old Male Labradoodle, weighing roughly 20 pounds.

I am loving, playful, adventurous and attentive! I love playing with my foster BIG brother and have met a few other dogs in my first few months of life. There is not a dog that I do not love or get along with. I love playing with toys whether it’s fetch or tug of war, and enjoy getting my zombies out by running around my backyard. I am a big love bug, and love to cuddle with my foster family at night. I am quite adventurous since everything is so exciting and new, I need a family who will spend time training and developing my skills further. I do get along with all humans of every size, so kids are no problem for me! Two of my favorite things are ice cubes, and putting my harness on for walks!!

I usually wake up around 7am, and it’s straight to the bathroom. I am still working on potty training so it is crucial I go outside first thing in the morning. After I do my business, my foster mom feeds me, and I go back outside again quickly after. We typically do potty breaks every 45 minutes to an hour, so it would be helpful to have someone who works from home to help me get acclimated. We typically go for an afternoon walk around the neighborhood, but I am still learning to go potty then. Dinner is anywhere from 530-630pm and I use the bathroom shortly after. Before bed, we play outside for about 15 minutes and use the restroom before I do my best to hold it all night!

I am a pro at sitting, but am still working on other basic commands. I am also working on potty training, some days are better than others. I need a family who will be patient and will continue to work with me throughout the process. I am getting better by the day on my leash skills, and will be a pro in no time. I am comfortable in cars, and use my crate when needed although it is not my favorite place.

I am looking for a loving family that is adventurous and active. I would be best with a fur sibling since I have so much puppy energy and needs lots of exercise. My ideal family would be very patient since there are so many things to learn in the first few months of life.

- Fur sibling preferred but not required
- Active family

PAWS (adopted)
Hi! My name is Paws. I am a 4-months Male Sheepadoodle. I am tiny but mighty. Weighing in at 13lbs. I need daily brushes, but I am small and my hair does shed. Super easy to maintain. My foster parents also call me Boots because of my cutest white paws that look like white Boots.

I’m a fluffy ball of cuteness with an adventurous personality. At first glance you’ll mistake me as shy but when I get comfortable, I can be quite outgoing and opinionated (stubborn). I do great with children of all ages.

I start my day around 7:00am, go potty, then breakfast. After I like going outside to chase the neighbors’ dogs and play with my fur siblings. Lunch around 1pm and dinner around 7pm. Bath time before going to bed.

At 4:30pm my favorite 5-year-old human gets home from school, and we play in the yard. I have to exercise my 5-year-old foster human and make him run around until he’s tired or else he will not be able to sleep. I love to chase the ball and steal toys from my fur siblings. I am still getting used to the crate, but I will stay in the crate as long one of my fur siblings are next to me. I love my humans but I would love to also have a fur sibling.

I’m still working on my manners as I am a puppy, after all. I get excited to see you and I haven’t yet learned that people don’t always want me to jump all over them to show my enthusiasm. I also like to chew, so please put away your toys and watch the electrical cords! I’m also working on my bladder control, please be patient with me.

- Fur sibling preferred but not required
- Patience for training
- Fenced in yard
- Active family

Mascot Puppies Group 2: Goldy, Knightro, Nittany, Otto, and Paws have received age appropriate shots and microchips. HW-. Sterilization to be completed at 6 months and covered by DRR

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Good With Kids? Yes
Good With Dogs? Yes, All dogs
Good With Cats? Unknown
Energy Level: Average Energy
Separation Anxiety: No


Potty Trained: Needs Work
Crate Trained: Needs Work
Leash Trained: Needs Work
Basic Commands: Needs Work