Meet Kiwi! – Adopted - DRR Alumni

Kiwi is searching for a forever home!

Breed: Poodle Mix
Sex: Female
Weight: 25 lbs
Age: Puppy
Shedding: Very Little

Kiwi‘s Story

❤️Kiwi is Available❤️

Please READ the bio and adoption requirements first to make sure you are a perfect fit BEFORE APPLYING.

Hi, my name is Kiwi, but I go by Magnolia, but my foster parents call me Maggie, too. I'm a 6 to 7-month-old female doodle puppy and weigh around 25 pounds. I can afford to put on a few pounds on my slim physique. I have a soft reddish brown coat with white sprinkled on the tip of my toes and tail. I was found as a stray with my buddy and picked up by the city shelter. My foster parents think we were possibly dumped. To make matters worse, I also got parvo along with my buddy. I was on my deathbed, and I had my foster mom in tears and extremely worried. With all the Vet's involved and medication, I pulled through. Look at me now. I'm a SURVIVOR and THRIVING!

I know I'm cute! I'm all PUPPY ENERGY. I love to play-run and rough house with my foster sisters; they don't like it, LOL! I love to chew on my bully sticks, which keep me busy and out of trouble. I'm also very food and treat-motivated. While quarantined and recovering with parvo, my foster mom taught me to sit with a training clicker. I picked up on it well. I forgot to mention that I love to drink lots of water and chew ice, I could chew ice all day. I'm also very vocal and will paw at you when I demand attention. I'm a sweet puppy and love scratches on my chest but not so much on my hips. I do very well in car rides; I lie down and or sit still in the back seat.
I want to play all day if I could!

My day starts off by being the morning alarm. I let out a light bark to let my foster mom know I'm ready to potty right around 5:10 am during the week. If she's lucky, I let her sleep in til 6:15 am on the weekends. She lets me out of my crate, and we all go to the backyard and do my business. I run around a bit, go back in, and nap beside her while she gets ready for work. I eat my breakfast around 6:30 am. Once I'm done, I'm let out to potty and run around again. My foster mom puts me back in my crate in the room where my fur sisters stay, too. When foster mom gets home around 4:30, I'm let out again, do my business, eat dinner, and go for a short walk due to the extreme heat. Once back home, I love to chew on my bully stick on my cot. I will try and rough house with my fur sisters, but they are not too fond of that. On the weekends, we go on early morning walks to help improve my walking skills, I like seeing the squirrels run up the trees in the neighborhood.

Since I'm a puppy and have no training, I'm starting from scratch. I need a patient family or parent. Puppy obedience classes will do me good and help me build my confidence. My foster parents are helping me with my leash walking, not jumping on them while standing or sitting down. I have the crate training down and am almost 100% potty trained. Yay, go me! Keeping me on a food schedule greatly helped with my potty training. When my foster parents feed me, I'm fed in the kitchen with a baby gate because I will try and eat my fur sister's food; again, I'm very food-motivated. I must have a playful and active dog sibling. I want them to play with me and love me!

- Must have another PLAYFUL/ACTIVE dog sibling
- Children 10 or older
- Active family or Parent
- Calm Household
- Fenced-in Yard
- Flexible Schedule
- Lots of Patience for Training!

If you meet all of the requirements and live within 500 miles of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, please apply at

Kiwi is fully vaccinated, HW-, sterilized and microchipped.

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Good With Kids? No Small Children
Good With Dogs? Yes, All dogs
Good With Cats? Unknown
Energy Level: High Energy
Separation Anxiety: Some


Potty Trained: Needs Work
Crate Trained: Yes
Leash Trained: Needs Work
Basic Commands: Needs Work