Meet Etta May! – Adopted - DRR Alumni

Etta May is searching for a forever home!

Breed: Labradoodle
Sex: Female
Weight: 45 lbs
Age: Young (1-3 yrs)
Shedding: Very Little

Etta May‘s Story

My name is Etta May, every night before I go to bed my foster mom tucks me in my kennel and tells me what a good girl I am and how I will make a family so very happy one day. I can’t wait to make that a reality! ?

? I am a 1-year-old, 45-pound Labradoodle that is pure love and snuggle. My love language is head pats and couch snuggles! I need them like I need food and water. Are you a snuggler too? If so, you and I might be the perfect match!
? I’m low to medium energy with a pretty laid back personality. The most energetic I get is after I haven’t seen you for 5 minutes so prepare to love on me like it’s been years!
? I have a sensitive tummy, so please keep that in mind when inviting me into your family as my diet can be more costly than others. Table scraps and average dog chow don’t agree with me!
? I enjoy other dogs. I’ve had a companion all my life. But I would be just as happy as an only child!
? I jump, I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t wait to have loves that I can’t keep “all four on the floor”. So if you have kids, the older the better! Other than my jumping, kids and me are great!
? I can be pretty curious. When left alone (for any period of time) I will find something to get into. Because of this, I am an excellent crate trained dog! I wouldn’t say I love my crate, but I won’t give you any trouble about it. It’s best to keep me there while you can’t watch me so we can have the best relationship possible! Besides, who doesn’t love a comfy place to lay their head?!
? I’m a quick learner! I know what “no” means. But, I’ll listen best when you’ve got a treat in your hand!

This is how an ideal day for me goes:
In the mornings I wait patiently in my kennel to be let out for love and cuddles, go potty, and have my breakfast.
I’ll play a bit with my foster brother or bucket of toys until I find a bone to chew and curl up next to whichever human is settled on the couch.
I’ll nap until lunch and go outside for an afternoon of play. I don’t really enjoy fetch, but I’ll play around with a few outside toys, or with my foster brother but mostly I just lounge around in the sun as long as my humans are present!
I’ll go for an afternoon walk, a short walk will due just fine. I get better with the leash every day.
By then it’s time for dinner and I love dinner! I may chew on the bone a bit more but by 9pm I’m sacked out on the couch ready for a full nights sleep! So it’s lights out and I’m ready to drift off to sleep!

If you’re looking for a couch companion, snuggle buddy, and a pup who will love you and your family unconditionally, I’m your girl and I can’t wait to love on you!

Etta May is fully vaccinated, HW-, sterilized and microchipped.

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Good With Kids? No Small Children
Good With Dogs? Yes, All dogs
Good With Cats? Unknown
Energy Level: Average Energy
Separation Anxiety: No


Potty Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Leash Trained: Yes
Basic Commands: Got them down!