Meet Benny! – Adopted - DRR Alumni

Benny is searching for a forever home!

Breed: Poodle Bichon
Sex: Male
Weight: 10 lbs
Age: Young (1-3 yrs)
Shedding: None

Benny‘s Story

❤️Benny is Available❤️

Please READ the bio and adoption requirements first to make sure you are a perfect fit BEFORE APPLYING.

My name is Benny (Benedict on formal occasions) and I am a 10lbs Male PooChon. I’m 2 years old and my snowy coat is non-shedding and hypoallergenic typical of my Poodle and Bichon ancestry.

I will be a loyal companion for whatever you like to do and wherever you like to go. I am the best combinations of: affectionate but independent, sweet but fierce, dainty but agile, and I love being with humans but I can play on my own. I am happiest when I get to snuggle up with you. I learn fast and will follow directions to earn your affections.

I wake up at 6-7am and wait quietly in my crate. I need time to cruise the yard in order to do my business especially in the morning and before bed, with a few shorter potty breaks during the day. I like playing with toys, getting gentle pets, and most importantly lounging the day away in your lap (happy to hop right in your lap). I might participate in a game of chase with other dogs and sometimes I even chastise my own fluffy tail. However, I prefer dog friends who are calm and respectful of my personal space. I have learned to defend my little self so I tend to overreact to rough handling. My bedtime is when my human goes to bed and I will easily settle down in my crate, although I would love to snuggle next to you.

My cotton-y fur requires gentle brushing frequently to remain untangled and regular grooming to look beautiful. But I am happy when my human is happy, so if it must be easy then a short style is ok by me. I am very polite and I do not mark my Foster’s house; but in the beginning when I was unsure or when I am overly excited, I might piddle. Once I am settled in a calm environment and am given a reasonable routine, then I can wait for potty breaks. I am at my best in a peaceful home and I need your patience and reassurances that you won’t give up on me.

I am wishing for an affectionate and kind hearted human with a gentle touch to adopt me, and whom I will love forever. Thank you for reading. -Benny

Would be best as Only Dog but would be ok with a calm small gentle dog.
No Small Children
Calm Household
Flexible Schedule and Work from Home Owner is a plus
Patience for Training

If you meet all of the requirements and live within 500 miles of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, please apply at

Benny is fully vaccinated, HW-, sterilized and microchipped.

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Good With Kids? No Small Children
Good With Dogs? Smaller Dogs Only
Good With Cats? Unknown
Energy Level: Average Energy
Separation Anxiety: No


Potty Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Leash Trained: Yes
Basic Commands: Got them down!